“Comprehensive Textbook of Therapeutics” has been published

Comprehensive Textbook of Therapeutics has been published in Iran. This textbook which was scholarly chosen and entitled as the reference of clinical pharmacology discipline in Iran, has been narrated by a group of experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology under the supervision of Professor Kheirollah Gholami and Professor Mojtaba Mojtahedzadeh, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Seventeen sections and 115 chapters were included in this set of 2-volume book. Dr. Sara Moussavi, clinical pharmacologist, associate professor, Isfahan University of Medical Science, has taken over the time-consuming responsibility of editing, preparing the required papers and supervising the printing process of the book. Precious relevant applied chapters have been gathered in this textbook appropriate for general practitioners, anesthesiologists and fellows of critical care medicine as well as clinical pharmacologists. I was honored to be invited by Professor Mojtahedzadeh to contribute the chapter “Acute Heart Failure”. It is desired that in the near future all the scholar reference books be narrated by our experts in Iran.

With regard to reducing the number of pages of this voluminous book, the publisher decided not to add the references at the end of each chapter. Following, you may kindly find the list of the references relevant to the chapter “Acute Heart Failure” arranged in an alfabetical order of the writers’ name.


Comprehensive Textbook of Therapeutics

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