Consciousness recovery of a case of IVH at Bazarganan Hospital

Mrs. K K, 64 years of age, with past medical history of hypertension and CVA, was admitted at Bazarganan Hospital, Tehran, Iran for being taken care of vertigo, nausea and vomiting which eventually revealed to be due to ICH associated with IVH ended in loss of consciousness. She has been given medical care for about 10 days at ICU, where applicable neuroprotection measurements including prevention of both hypotension and hypertension, keeping blood Na level between 140-145 meq/L and blood glucose between 150-180 mg/dL, suppressing of MMPs and neuroinflammatory pathways, protection of blood-brain barrier and prevention from giving free water for the sake of ordeal derangements in AQP4 settlement which occurs in the natural course of brain insults specially brain hemorrhages, helped bring her back to life of good quality. Cerebral salt wasting syndrome aggravated temporarily her condition for which NaCl 5% was being infused round the clock.

Her consciousness has been recovered as well as her ability to talk and move. The patient’s progression to normal life totally happened due to the meticulous medical care our personnel gave her generously. I, once again, am proud of my team who sacrifice their life to turn the impossible into possible.

Two cuts of brain CT scan in Oct, 10, 2017, which shows IVH.

Brain CT scan cuts with IVH, Oct, 14, 2017

CT angiography, Oct, 15, 2017; coronal view which shows blood in the brain ventricles

Brain CT scan, IVH which is being resorbed. Oct, 24, 2017

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