A case of pancreatitis recovered by IVIg

A man of 75 years of age who was suffering from abdominal pain diagnosed eventually as biliary stone-induced acute pancreatitis was transferred to ICU in obtundation and septic shock on his 8th day of admission at regular ward of Bazarganan Hospital. His lipase and amylase levels were very high in addition to the derangement of his liver function tests. He was intubated endotracheally on the 2nd day of admission at ICU when IVIg was administered 5 grams continued subsequently 5 grams/day for a total of 25 grams within the next 4 days. His urine output diminished to oliguric level and his initial creatinine level of 2.8mg/dL rose to 4.6mg/dL. Although urine volume increased to some degree after initiation of norepinephrine it was IVIg which increased urine volume in less than 6 hours. Today, on the 10th day of ICU admission, creatinine level is 1.9mg/dL. On the 6th day of critical care his condition which was progressively improving significantly day by day after IVIg administration made the scene ready for him to be extubated and enteral nutrition was started through NG tube uneventfully. On the 8th day, he could eat and NG tube was removed. Now he is in good condition and ready to be discharged to the regular ward after the 10th day of admission at ICU.

This miracle was done by the expert adorable personnel of our ICU. Our team made it in a very short time!

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