Cardiac Rehabilitation

On May 11, 2018, I made a speech entitled “Cardiac Rehabilitaion” in the 2nd International and the 29th Annual Physiotherapy Congress of the Iranian Physiotherapy Association.

Cardiac Rehabilitation has been considered an important subject in the recovery of the patients who have survived an insult to their heart or in the process of regaining a normal life with reasonable quality of life post-cardiac surgery. It seems a multidisciplinary task which needs a teamwork of highly qualified members: intensivists, cardiologists, registered nurses, physiotherapists, registered nutritionist and even the administration of the hospital. Cardiac rehabilitation is not a duty to be done just at the hospital but it is a delicately-programmed project which not only decreases the morbidity but increases long-term survival of the patients.

You may kindly find the slideshow by clicking here.

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