Interesting medical images of a lesion in the brain

In July, 2019, a 70-yr-old diabetic man with the history of hypertension  referred to the emergency room of Bazarganan Hospital, affiliated to Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Tehran, Iran, with an abrupt rise in blood pressure (BP) of about 220/120mmHg. He was admitted to CCU to control and make a gradual decrease in his BP. No neurological deficit could be found on the night of his admission. On the second day, hemiparesis to some degree and ataxic movements of the left side of the body appeared which was prominent in the upper extremity. Mild nausea and vertigo made the scene worse. Brain CT scan at the time of his admission showed an ischemic small lesion in the right hypothalamic region. Brain MRI, revealed that the ischemic lesion on the CT scan was more serious that it was thought of. It seems to be important not to ignore any probable neurological pathobiology in the context of a rise in the blood pressure.

The patient’s paresis and ataxic movements of the left side of his body subsided within 4 days after admission in the ICU and administration of erythropoietin. It seems that administration of erythropoietin was effective in this process.

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