Interesting Medical Images; A lesion in the esophagus

Do not miss clinical examination in the favor of new medical technological modalities.

In August 21, 2019, a 55-year old lady referred to the ER of Bazarganan Hospital, affiliated to Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Tehran, Iran, for the sake of searching for medical care for a recent dyspnea. She had a medical history of a mass in her esophagus which made swallowing difficult (dysphagia). It was reported to be of a squamous cancer pathology. Her dyspnea could hardly be attributed to the cancer. As she had also edema in her left upper extremity it was thought that the dyspnea could be related to pulmonary thromboemboli from venous thrombosis in the left arm. Plain chest CT scan was requested.

Clinical examination could reveal that the patient was suffering from respiratory distress with retraction of supra-sternal notch in inspiration with a dynamic stridor which could be heard in supine position and subsided in the sitting position.

Referring to the CT scan, it was revealed that a mass deviated and nearly obstructed the trachea retrosternally. So the patient was sent to another hospital with thoracic-surgery facilities.

Below you may kindly find the CT scan images. Please click on each photo if you would like to magnify the pictures.

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